About Victoria

My work is very visceral and tactile. I love working with raised surface texture, exploring many subjects through form and composition, focussed on colour symbolism and its relationship to how we approach art and our interpretations of it.

There are many influences on my work, including mythology, emotive colour symbolism, textural symbolism and the natural world presented through magnified imagery of such subjects as flowers insects and feathers, to name a few.

After developing throughout my G.C.S.E and A-level qualifications, I went on to complete an Art Foundation Course, a Textiles Crafts Degree, and later, graduated from a Fine Art BA (hons) Degree.

Being a constant advocate of experimental styles and diverse materials, my work often differs greatly from one day to the next, as I tend to drift between subjects to present in my pieces.

Influences on my work show great diversity, from the symbolic botanical studies by artist Georgia O’Keefe to the starkly contrasting colour manipulation of Mark Rothko, the sculptural passion of Vivienne Westwood’s couture and thought provoking, emotive and energetic works of Damien Hirst and Jackson Pollock.

These influences are most apparent in my use of psychology, symbolic texture composition and colour, subtly influencing and manipulating the subconscious of the audience, through composition and chameleonic use of variant colours and layered textures. Whether a floral pieces or abstract, my work is always allegorical. I love the viewer to create thir own experience of the work based on their own lives and feelings, known only to the onlooker’s own unique experiences of the world, relating to their individual interpretations of colour and form and the meaning therein.