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How To Display Your Artwork

Caring for your artwork


Paintings can be heavy, and will not be supported with strung hanging methods, as the weight from the texture can be unbalanced.


Only use the hanging plates and screws which are included with the painting, and use wall plugs or fixings appropriate to your type of wall .

Always keep artwork away from strong sources of heat, light and moisture, or sudden temperature changes.

To clean artwork, regularly dust with a non-feather duster (fine bristled soft)

Do not use liquids or chemicals on or near the painting. 

If your painting has become marked or stained, or has sustained scratches or damage, please email for advice regarding your specific artwork.

How should I position my artwork on the wall?

Ideally, paintings should be mounted with the horizon-line of the piece displayed at eye level. Alternatively, centre the piece width ways, 

and ensure an equal measurement above and below the piece, between the ceiling and any furniture below.

What size of painting should I choose?

Choosing what size of painting to buy can be tricky, so it helps to know what mood you would like the piece to convey. 


Larger pieces will be more dominant in the space, but will also add drama 

and impact. If this is your desired effect, a painting which fills over 50% of the display area is ideal.

If you are considering commissioning a painting, look to the furniture it will be displayed above, such as a bed, sofa or sideboard. Consider a panoramic piece, the entire width of the furniture. 


For a more subtle appearance, fill the display space with 

a painting which fills 33-50% of the space (both width and height of the wall)

when displaying several pieces together, such as with a triptych etc, do not squash the pieces together, but spread them out to fill the space more.

* a great tip before deciding, is to tack up some paper in various sizes onto your wall, which will show you exactly how big or small the piece is to live with and also helps to decide the painting's eventual display height and position*


Below are a range of display style to give you some inspiration.

for those who like something a little alternative.....


a big wall with statement pieces.....

a style to suit any wall space.....
and finally, some 'don'ts'!
too small and the wrong size
too small, lacking impact
mounted too high
003 mis.jpg
please don't!
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